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    Thatís great info mate!
    Like you said £25 each a bargain too!!
    Nearly bought a XK55 yesterday too

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    Quote Originally Posted by slappy View Post
    Well I can honestly say was very happy how the pole fished!!
    Used it at 13.5m to see how it felt and yes little heavy but then it is a margin pole mostly
    I had great day close in feeding dampen micros and fishing 8mm cubes meat but I never got down lakes til 1-30 and fished til 9
    Son had fab time on heís middy thriller!
    I used Preston blue hollow 15 sometimes just using the karp2 top kit and adding the no4 if needed
    Could not fault it,will later get the newer version I think as able to use the mk1 as spare as well!

    Glad to see had a few too mate
    Slappy the 1st Statement you made in this thread reminds me of Christmas day about 1962
    My Mom & Dad had saved up all year to get me a Scaletrix racing car set.
    i opened it & was so excited .Dad & i Set t up & i spent the whole day watching Dad Play with it LoL
    I was really cheesed off ,i guess this is jut how your lad must of felt.
    It still happens with me i buy New Gear & my Son Borrows it as soon as i get it home aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!


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