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    Default Maggot Feeder etc

    At the moment our canal lake is fishing hard and the matches are won with a couple of carp and a few bits, The fish have not turned on to the pellet yet, and catches at present are on the maggot,
    Last week caught, two carp on the method feeder, (micros with maggot hook bait) tried other baits, meat, sweetcorn, pellet, but no joy, do you lads, think a maggot feeder, or the Browning window feeder, be worth a try,
    I must point out that the Match was before the temperatures went up, and before Spring finally arrived , so maybe this week things will have changed with colour in the water temp rising perhaps the carp will munch on the other baits.
    What do you think, the water last week was very cold to the touch, as the lake is fed by a brook, Because of the late Spring, every thing still looks dismal, with only, small signs of plant, and reed growth as yet,
    How are the lakes looking your way, any signs of fish on the surface or margins.

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    Mind you, this is the first decent spell of hot weather for 6 months...maybe them fishes have other things on their minds


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