Daiwa G50 Pole Package
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    Default Daiwa G50 Pole Package

    Hi all,

    I'm selling My Immaculate Daiwa G50 16m Pole Pack. This was a back up pole so has seen very little use.

    It will be supplied with:

    2 x Interlastic Power Kits (Vespe Pullers, Maver Bushes)
    4 x Interlastic Match Kits (Roller Pullers, Drennan Bushes)
    Short 4
    Tournament Cupping Kit with Drennan Cups
    Trev Jeans Nose Cones on 4's and 5
    Original Cloth Bags and Blue Tubes


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    You still have this mate?
    If so, I take it there are no repairs or cracks?
    How old is it and where are you?

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    pod-fiSH s gear is top class would buy again and again

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    Sold a while ago mate sorry...

    ..... Cheers batone


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