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    Another idea would be to obtain oxygen levels and see if they are within the parameters of a lake thats in a healthy condition,If they are below average id be whipping out the majority of Silvers.
    As Sam says,we dont know the lake in question so its hard know which advice would suit that particular water.

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    I think it was joe carras that did an article recently about taking the silvers out of a lake near to him to improve the oxygen levels.
    Apparently if you have a lot of small silvers they deplete the oxygen levels so nothing wants to feed.
    I am sure it was a commercial fishery but can't remember the name.

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    Think it was the Glebe

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    Quote Originally Posted by hurricane View Post
    No Mart, unlike Seahorses they don't change sex, the biggest problem ANY water encounters is removing the females,they are the ones that grow big enough to control the smaller pike,left to do their own thing they make for a very healthy fishery,its when uneducated humans think they know better,that things go wrong,even Alien species ,like catfish and zander have been found to find a balance fairly quickly after their initial introduction, and unlike otters and cormorants,they are in a captive environment,and as such,cant eat everything in sight and move on.
    hurricane, some years ago you had a nosey around our syndicate pool so you have a rough idea of the size. we had some pike/carp anglers join the club and stopped us from optional culling if we caught any, it had a large head of bream and skimmers, skimmers are now gone, roach up to 1 1/2lb gone, crucians gone only a few big tench left, rudd gone. we had 3 pike mid twenties and several doubles plus jacks they dont get that big on nothing, they are big fish for a pool thats less than 2 acres, we are reduced to catching a few blades and if we are lucky the odd roach up to 6 ounces, even then the pike lie in ambush and take them as they are brought in, maybe your balance theory might work on big estate lakes and reservoirs but they have destroyed our fishery


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