Company keeping my card details.
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    Default Company keeping my card details.

    Hi all, need some advice. I paid a company by putting my debit card details on their site and it was paid through Paypal, they took a payment out and should not but got that back.

    Have asked them to remove my card and Paypal details from their records, they said they were unable to do that with no reason as to why. I don't know the law regarding this but I would have thought this was illegal.

    Can anyone please advise, thanks for your time!

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    Hi mate - I've asked my wife who is a credit controller for a Tile company & takes card payments from their customers loads of times daily.

    Yes your details can be deleted, but only if it's in line with "Company Policy".

    There's not much to worry about really as when you give them the 3 Numbers on the back of your card they show as asterisk's at their end. (invisible)

    They'd have to write them down, to tie it to your card AND also the post code.

    SO then, should they try to use your details to buy something for themselves - They'd be caught in no time at all.

    Also most Bank cards come with Fraud protection/Identity theft cover as standard.

    So - unless you've done something really stupid at your end - YOU ARE COVERED!!.
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