Whisker high performance 17.5m poles package.
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    Default Whisker high performance 17.5m poles package.

    Daiwa Whisker high performance 16m poles package, there are a total of 3 x No4's (repaired), 3 x No5's (2 repaired), short No5, 8 x top kits (different makes and types) all the same length with new internal bushes and a cupping kit. The main pole has a repaired No4 and a replacement No5 from a Matchwinner, the spares pole has repairs to most sections but all are still usable. There is obviously 2 x 16m sections so the pole can be fished at 17.5m if you wanted. Lots of carbon here and a full 16m pole as spares, the top kits aren't the best but are all usable and have been used up until recently. Looking for offers in the region of 625 collected or 675 delivered.

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    Hopefully there is now a picture
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    Open to sensible offers

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