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    Default Hi from Lincolnshire

    Hi Everyone,
    As I look out the window of my mobile home, it has started to rain and there is a definite chop on the lake, but it will not stop me getting out fishing once I have finished my cup of tea.
    I am writing from deepest Lincolnshire, about five miles from Skegness, at a small, quiet and secluded Country Park with a nice lake containing carp, bream, roach rudd tench and big perch.
    Life is good.
    Being retired, we (the wife and I), spend most of our time down here from March to October.
    I fish most days.
    The feeder is my favourite method, but I also use the slider (deep lake) and pellet waggler.
    No pole, sorry. Can't get on with them.
    I call myself The Breadman because that's the bait I use for practically all my fishing - and I consistently outfish everyone else. For instance, two weeks ago we held our annual match and I walked away with it. I had 32.5 pounds of bream, roach and rudd, with second place having 17.5pound of carp. I was the only one using rod and line and as the feeder was banned (they said it was to give everyone else a chance!), I used the slider and shallow waggler.
    On a typical day, I would hope to catch about twenty carp and loads of decent rudd on the shallow rig.
    That's me.
    Leading a lovely life and catching a few fish.
    Sometime I will divulge my bread secret. I can catch up to five fish on one small piece and one or two rounds last me all day. All fish seem to love it and it is cheap, clean and always available.
    Sorry to bang on a bit, but I have been waiting for ages to join this forum.
    The Breadman.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum


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