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  1. 1/9/18 Good day in the islamorada, florida backcountry post cold front!

    Well had the day off and my mom was nice enough to stay over and watch little guy today so I could take my wife Elizabeth fishing! Absolutely glass calm all day and overcast so the temperature was...
  2. December Fishing in Islamorada FL snook/reds/tarpon/drum

    Well a few days ago we got hit hard by a good cold front and the temperatures plummeted down into the 50s here in Islamorada, FL. We also had another reinforcing front back that one up, so things...
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    November Fishing in Islamorda Post IRMA

    November is nearing it's end here and we've already had our first legit cold front of the winter! It's very early for it to be getting as cold as it did, but the weather has been crazy the last few...
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