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    Default fishing shallow on the pole

    what depth do you start at?what are the best handmade pole floats for fishing pellets and meat up in the water?do you use a band for these or have them on the hook?

    i look forward to hearing ur responses


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    i use a heyfield for depths around 2ft and gimp for 3ft+.
    not sure if im allowed to mention a maker of handmade remove if necessary
    nick gilberts at the float store..both his patterns

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    Mate IMO there is only one float for fishing "up in wata" and that is the Kc Carpa Slap!!

    Using the new Drennan micro bands for everything now less flaffing around unlike when I used the lasso pull band through the Meat and use a Pellet bander to put around a 6mm pellet (too small for my usual trap and stretch trick!) BUT can catch more fish without changing bait.

    My record thus far is 6!

    Starting depths vary from venue to venue usual starting point for me would be 18"-2ft in 6ft of water but will vary!
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    I start at 18 inches-2ft and fish with an up int wata float by ian heaps. Starting this shallow helps you to avoid line bites and foul hooking fish imo, you can adapt your rig from this depth easily or set up lots of rigs at different depths.

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    I will always start at half of whatever the depth of the swim is, if its 6ft i will start at 3ft etc, then judging by liners, foul hookers or no bites at all you can go from there.
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    Agree with Chris best floats for fishing shallow have got to be the Kc Carpa Slap inline body and self cocking. Currently trying to get hold of some and no where's got any. I would have few top kits set up for shallow fishing, one with a Carpa Chimp that I have shortend for fishing in 2ft and 2 rigs with Carpa slaps for fishing anything upto 18inches. The reason for thisis if I trash one I can easily pick another top kit and be out fishing again very quickly.

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    Sometimes slapping your bait is not the answer on some venues, just dapping your bait is fine. If its hard pellets them band them, if its soft pellet or meat then i put it straight on the hook. Floats you can use whatever you like, a nice wire stem with a long bristle about 0.3 or 0.4 when there is a bit of wind on the water works well and are best for baits that are going straight on the hook. Like above have said the Kc carpa slappers are great as they are self cocking and work well with a pellet band becsuse of the speed you are working them.


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