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Thread: sr1 pole.

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    Default sr1 pole.

    Hi All.
    Do the sections from the new xr1 pole fit the sr1 pole, are they the same pole , but with different graphics.
    looking forward to your replys.
    All the best steve.

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    I am sure, the xr1 has a new finish too I think
    Connor Beresford
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    Hi Connor.
    yeah it may have, but are the sections interchangable, are they off the same mandrel as the sr1, just in case my young son breaks one of his sections.
    i know you can still buy spares, but i have not seen any number 4 sections, what i am keen to find out is , will the 4th section fron a xr1 fit the sr1.
    All the best steve.

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    all 4s from the daiwa range are the same mate mandrill wise!

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    Hi Sparky.
    Thanks for that, so in theory a xr1 4 will fit a sr1 4.
    Nice one.
    All the best steve.


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