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  1. David, I used to fish the punch at Wolvercote in the summer in the Seal Seam League & have had 10lb plus on this whip. Ask anyone who knows this was the best whip ever made, but expensive but then as you know quality costs. If I told you that Billy Makins & Roy Mills used this whip you couldnt get a better recomendation as they were the top canal anglers at that time. The other way to go would be the Tourny Pro with extensions to 10m as this comes with different tips so you can use light elastics as well as the flick tip but again expensive £350 plus for 10m. My Conny is 8m & I would expect to get £150 plus if I ebayed it. As I would only use a whip a couple of times a season make me an offer with one of your Harriers in part exchange but though we are mates I wont let it go cheap. cheers John
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    John, On your conny whips can you land fish over 6oz on an 00.7mm - 00.8mm bottoms?

    My Harriers are great but anything over 6oz and it a fight on light bottoms such as 00.8mm.

    00.10mm bottoms and i would expect to land a lump. Have you gone down to 00.8mm hooklengths on your conny's before? And how does it fair? Im looking into buying a couple, If they can hadle those extra bonus fish over 6oz on 00.8mm. "Im such a tackle tart" Thanks John.
  3. Im fine David, we went to Suffolk in the van for a week. I fished a local day ticket lake & had 50-60lb of carp, fished a cage feeder with 2mm pellets & hair rigged corn or meat on the hook. I use the Korum quickstops & they are superb. what was interesting I used my Normark 11ft multi tip & it handled big fish well. Also fished a backwater of the River Waveney with my daiwa conny whip & caught roach, dace, perch, skimmers & chublets. We go to a site in Glastonbury called the old oaks in a couple of weeks & it has its own pond, so looking forward to that. cheers John
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    Hello John how things going? Not left you a message for a short while.

    Im saving up for the Drennan Zircon, Drennan's flagship pole, I've been toying with the idea of going for the new daiwa tournament prox, But the Drennan offers much better value for money. 10 top 2 kits. , 4 top 4 kits. Compared to the 5 tops kits with the daiwa, and only 3 top 4 kits.
    Dave Harrell endorses top end poles for map as you probably know anyway, He tested the drennan zircon and he said it's the easiest, smoothest and lightest he had ever handled at 16m. Roger Young uses the zircon at 17.5 meters bagging lumps on commercials , And Although it's supposed to be and out and out river and canal pole. It will handle big carp. It's also the lightest and stiffest pole on the market. I've read 100 reviews and nobody knocks it. Everybody can't rate it highly enough. Brand new im hoping to pay £1600. £1000 cheaper than the daiwa. How the match fishing going? hope your well. David.
  5. David, I have 2 x tdx, 1 x whisker, 2 closed face reels so the Drennan doesnt get used. I fished a little club match on Spade Oak lake at Marlow & came 3rd with 3lb of skimmers. we are off in the van on Saturday to Suffolk to a little site on the river Waveney. Daiwa to me have always meant quality, their poles, reels & rods have always been the best. keep saving your pennies. cheers John
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    Sorry John i had to send it in two messages as im limited to only 1000 words per message.

    I love Drennan tackle as you probably know John, Half my kit is Drennan, But Drennan can't complete when it comes to poles and daiwa. Thats why i paid what i did for my two Daiwa harrier whips, Although there 25 years old, They leave me speechless, I was going to go for the conny's, But the harrier's, have softer flick tips.

    Hows the matchfishing going?
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    Hello John, Yes i must admit the old boss boxes are brilliant boxes. My dad has had his 16 years and is still in great condition. Although he did pack up match fishing 6 years ago, It had 10 years of being used 2 times a week. And is still in excellent condition, Although having said that my dad really looked after his tackle.

    Whats wrong with the Drennan reel John? Or do you just Prefer you TDX'S? You can't beat Daiwa tackle mate. Im saving up for a the new daiwa tournament pro pole. i'll probably sell on my drennan to help put £500 towards it. Only thing is i will be terrified of breaking any section above a number 4. Because i'd be looking at £250+ for a replacement. But if i dont go for the tournament, I might get some information and knowledge on the browning Z9 which alot of people rate as the best pole at the moment. At least with these two poles i know im getting exceptional quality.
  8. David, they say on their website they allow them on Abbey Lake took mine to find they have banned them. Sorry I dont know of any that allow them other than on matches. cheers John
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    I had a look at the Lemington lakes webite John, It's looks a lovely fishery. Are keepnets allowed there? Me and my dad arnt going to eyekettlebylakes now, As they dont allow keepnets, So were looking for somewhere else, I was just wondering if lemington did as it could be a possibility for us. Or Have you visited any other decent fisheries with accommodation on the site? That allow keepnets? You would be helping both me and my dad out as were really struggling to find anywhere that allows keepnets. Hope you can help us John. Cheers David.
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    How was your holiday John? Did it fish well?
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