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Abramis Brama

Packington Winter League Rd 8

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Today I'm dipping my hand in the bag for the low numbers on Molands pegs 2 to 33.

Those of you that are now following my blogs may recall my write up for round 5 and how in the first paragraph I stressed the importance of avoiding the low numbers. So I wasn't too happy when the disc I picked had a single digit and as I focused it was peg 6............not good at all.
Chris Newton had fished peg 8 on Saturdays open and caught a few but said plenty of fish were showing on peg 6. So my hopes were raised some what with a touch of scepticism.

All in and I begin as usual on my bomb and floating maggot 6' off the far bank. After a few casts I realised why this peg struggles at this time of year, it's so shallow that the small Guru bomb doesn't even register a drop back on the tip😕 as it hits bottom. Several casts later and I get a bite and a decent F1 is safely netted. 20 minutes later I have another, however I knew I would need 30lbs + to score decent points so wasn't getting carried away.

Two F1s in the first hour and then another five in the second hour and I was up and running at a steady pace. I set myself an early target of catching 15 by the final whistle. Unfortunately this is where the blog ends, so at the risk of not boring you all I'll just say that my maggot feeder line dried up. I tried all sorts of maggot combinations but to no joy.

Second Half

Apart from 2 foul hooked f1s which came off at the net, that was about it......until right on whilstle when twitching the tip produced a final F1.

All out - and my Nine F1s were just good enough for 20.8.0. But it was soon brought to my attention that the expected high numbers had better weights.

Chris Toal won the section off Peg 27 with 69lbs Danny T was next with 50lbs off peg 2. 31 lbs off peg 31....and another few higher weights than I could muster.

So at time off writing I believe I've picked up 6 or 7 points.

I lost a nugget yesterday to my mucker Big Keith, so I was more than happy to win it back today and then another nice surprise I'd done enough to win the mini section prise too 25.

That's it, 😥 I've over 30 points now so no hope of framing for the second year it's an all out attack to win the match in the final two rounds.

Young Phil Canning won the whole match yet again with 77lbs from Siblings peg 10. Awesome performance - Frenzee certainly have a star on their books.

Trying hard to think of some funny moments during the match but there wasn't any, just one of them cold days when you sat on your box with no banter.



  1. Ducci82's Avatar
    Tough luck Roy....
    Next year you will have me for company lol😵
  2. BIG COL's Avatar
    You will find that all of a sudden Roy, instead of your peg slowing & finally grinding to a halt ,as it has
    Done on a number of occasions.
    Just as if someone has thrown a Switch !! :everything will click into space,& all the Hard work ,practicing preparation will finally
    Start to reap the Benefits.
    Stick with it mate you may very son become a force to be reckoned with.
    Jason said he will be with you next year, if I could arrange my Sunday gigs around the dates I think it's something I might be interested in doing
    As you know when 2 or 3 fish together & share info both good & bad your fishing only ever improves
  3. Abramis Brama's Avatar
    One Day Col, One Day - as long as I use my clicker and a 2nd net lol.
  4. Ducci82's Avatar
    I'll be very active this year I want to go every Sunday.
    That's the aim as for force to be reckoned with more like cannon fodder lol I'll be handing out 1pound coins all over the place