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Conversation Between BIG COL and NathanWatson

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  1. I haven't fished a Match for over 12 months Mate
    I got absolutely Cheesed off with fishing 10 to 20 peg matches that a lot of these Weekend Warriors think are Opens
    i have had a few trips down the River & had a lot of Fish ,but i cant do pleasure fishing
    i may fish a few Maver matches ,i think Fisho has made a mistake by creating More pegs & a Semi Final
    Should have changed way tickets were allocated instead of becoming greedy & cramming more venues & pegs in
    I think a Better way would have been keep the veterans bonus events & let them apply for 6 more ,every other Angler to be limited to 6 Qualifiers
    Semi will spoil it IMO .
    What do you think ?
    I cant commit to Festivals or Leagues due to DJ work not only here but abroad Spain , Germany , Finland , & USA New York , Los Angeles , Vegas last year
    already booked again for 2016 & 2017
    time you won it again
  2. Now mate, don't get on here much now as always seams really slow, long wait for a response, not much new stuff on. Are you doing maver and fisho this year? My number is 07879564099.
  3. Hi Nathan
    Thanks very much for the Bushes !!
    Realy Appreciated ,if there is ever anything you need that i can help with??
    Just let me know
    All the Best Colin
  4. Thanks Mate i was looking in my inbox
    Wrong place
    I have been using Double 8 for bigger fish also for shallow fishing !!
    Do you still use 18 for that ??
  5. Hi Nathan
    Any advice on 14/16 solid Elastics would be a help
    Used to use a Pink Middy 12/16 i think
    Just wondered what heavy Elastics you use as a couple of years ago i had a few problems with solids & changed to Hollows
    But i have never liked them !!
    I now use Double 6 or 8 for most of my fishing
    But want to use singles for heavier kits !!
    Personaly i dont think there is any need to go over 14/16 dont know about you
    Any info would be appreciated
    Thanks mate
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