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  1. David, John Veazey, 10, Blackamoor Lane, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8RD. Got the reel today looks & feels like new. ordered another top 3 plus a number 4 from Harefield should be here by Saturday. Must now stop spending & wheeler dealing, but I have to say I enjoy it. Bet your watching the B'ham derby my tip for the final Villa v Gooners. cheers John
  2. John, I want to get your eye threader to you, But i cant find your address that you sent me about a week ago, Can you send it me again please mate, I want to get it sent off asap to you. Cheers david.
  3. David, read the post about carp on the fish counter at Sainsburys. its very funny. cheers John
  4. It does look top quality luggage John, And as it happens i am after a new luggage set, From as i explained before about my pole sticking out the top of my current drennan luggage. I will definitely be taking a closer look at the spro luggage, but i've just seen the price of the 8 tube holdall, "75 ouch" The carryall is 44.99, would you say it's is definitely worth it at this price? As i could definitely be tempted.
  5. David, picked up the rod holdall today plus a double net bag, bit like you bought at trade price but that has to be kept between you & me. The holdall is the best I have ever seen, quality is brilliant. Google Angling Solutions & go on the Spro website & go to page 331 the holdall at the top of the page. cheers John
  6. David, my Daiwa luggage is in the for sale column, bump it up for me. cheers John
  7. David, pm me your email address & I will send you pictues cheers John
  8. Thats a good deal John. I hope this one is the one for you. I was like that with rods swaping and changing, then i bought a dave harrell st and it was what i always after in a rod. The fox boxes are very robust and durable, And good looking too, so you'll have a box there that will last you years mate.
  9. John Which new Box are you getting? You sold your matchbox didnt you?

    0-0 was fair result in the game last weekend. both teams had players missing, for a 0-0 it was a enjoyable game. I dont think anyone can win the title off you this year. Chelsea will cruise it.

    Shame the weather is getting worse, It will be Blood and Joker weather for fishing on the canal soon. time to get those size 24 hooks and 00.6mm bottoms rigs setup.
  10. David, just a suggestion why dont you join the maggotdrowners forum as you will have more chance of selling the pole than on TA. I think you will end up on ebay at the end of the day because you will never use the pole again as you have the Zircon. we went to Milton Pools last weekend with the caravan & I really enjoyed it, 15 vans 15 anglers. Saturday 17lb 6 oz 4th place on the pole ok but could have done better. Sunday 23lb 4oz, bread on the waggler, 4th again. over 4 days 4th overall. I wasnt too happy but as the guy who organised it said you have done really well as everybody else had fished the venue before & landing carp with your disability is not easy but I felt I could have fished better but as I say I enjoyed it. I am changing my box at the weekend but not that different. cheers John
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