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Conversation Between jimbo61 and dubman1972

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  1. nice one we are back down there in september just after the kids go back to school so it is nice and quiet. it usually fishes alot better then as the weather isn't quite as hot and the fish are more spread out
    hope you have a good time all the best pete
  2. well done again to your good lady. I have managed to book up a caravan in October.
    Here we go again lol
  3. yes mate she picked up 40 quid for 5th and 17 acorn did do well there are lots of fish close to the island and down the inside but if you fish pole to the inside you just get roach thats why it can work on most pools to drop the method down where you have been feeding in the margins and wait for the rip rounds.
    if you are after a caravan pm a lad on here darrenpne really nice bloke he has got one down by the tackle shop tell him i told you . if his is not available go to and just put in whiteacres there are loads on there and alot cheaper than parkdean
  4. Yes m8 twas me.I really enjoyed it and looking to go again in october. I will ask around and see if I can get any good deals.
    Your mrs did really well.I noticed from the results that peg 17 did well all week. Did she get anything for coming 5th?
    All the best to you both.
  5. Think i met you briefly last week at whiteacres i was the chap that walked by a couple of times it was my wife that was on 17 acorn and i think it was you on 19 only noticed your t-shirt when we were leaving
    All the best pete
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