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Conversation Between paul the carp and NathanWatson

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  1. hi nathan,

    i am in the intersite match on sunday which i think you are in will send a message or phone you over weekend.

  2. I blanked Sunday! It's up to 20ft on island lake, 11ft on Adams. Fish method to island if you draw on it, then feed a 16M pole line with 6mm pellets for up in the water if weather ok. If not or struggling feed 8mm as far as they go for wag and bomb. 6 to 11M pole with meat on the bottom has also been working. When are you there? You can ring me on 07786949195 about peg if you want.
  3. Hi nathan,

    Needed some info on hayfield seeing you are the master there.

    Depths of lakes, best pegs, how to fish the lakes, best methods.

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