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  1. Edgy still has a decent head of carp but at 70 acres as always,location is the key.
    Officialy its 9.00 per day but as far as I know,no one is collecting it.
    There are not many fishing it not seen more than 2 carpers on there in the last 6 visit and popped up for a look yesterday and not a single angler on the place.
    Other than on the ballroom bank,parking can be a pain and I understand they have been having patrols to curb night fishing.
  2. Hi peter i spoke to you about olton before, ive saw u post about edgbaston reservoir too, is there a few decent carp still in there? Thanks
  3. They will be mate thanks alot
  4. Sent you 27 pics hope they are of some use.
  5. Hi Peter thanks again for the information on the mere, if you could email me that photo when the water was down that would be great thanks. My email is
  6. Yes, no problem,PM,s have been restricted to members who have a certain number of posts and length of membership for security reasons.
    Don't think visitor messages count.
  7. Can i ring you tomorrow around 1pm it wont let me private message you for some reason
  8. There was a small number of carp in Olton,these fish had been stocked many years ago,one of the members took it on himself to introduce a number of fish from another source,these were nicknamed "Micks minnows" as they tended to be smaller than the original fish,this made carping more viable and certainly meant less blanks which on a 26acre water with lowish stocking has to be expected.
    The most successful anglers were the ones who visited on a regular( daily or at least 3 times a week) basis, introducing baits into a few chosen swims in between sessions.
    Olton can be challenging but it does have a lot going for it,the problem we encountered was with the sailing club,who control the lease to the water,the price we felt was too expensive for a single venue controlled by non anglers with none of the revenue being spent on angling.
    As for cats,no all the fish in my albums are from Shatterford , Adams, or Lakemore,there was a rumour that 1 kitten had been introduced .
  9. Also the pics you have in your album of cats any come out of olton? I heard there may be some in there
  10. Is there many carp in there? And do many come out nowadays, i understand its a very hard water which only makes it more intresting for me but infact is there actually any decent fish that come out? Thanks.
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