Conversation Between Larry Teepot and ynot
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Conversation Between Larry Teepot and ynot

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  1. hi pete,
    verdit at the moment is to leave backslab cast on till friday and go back for more x rays apparently it is a bloody good break and could move if not careful if alright friday they will put a full cast on if noy will be admitted and it will be pinned. then back a week later if alright should then be bout 4 -5 weeks before plaster is off. if i have to have it pinned could be up to 6 months. then we have all the time to be spent with the physioterraist. am bloody gutted was realy looking forward to this comp. let me know if i can help with anything don`t mind doing the draw and sorting the monies payout and bankrunning to take some of the pressure of you,
    regards tony
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