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    by Published on 21st August 2013 11:32 AM  Number of Views: 809 
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    The open match will be fished on the World Pairs sections and is being organized by Willie Wheeler from his new shop!

    There are still a handful of places left on the World Pairs (9th to 13th September) in Ireland....
    by Published on 21st July 2010 10:47 AM  Number of Views: 1502 
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    Lower Thames Championship could see pole produce winner

    Warlingham & District AS is proud to announce that Drywall Ceilings and Partitions (DCP) are to support the Lower Thames Championships that are to take place on Saturday, 18 September 2010.

    The event that can cater for up to 200 anglers, will take place on the Thames between Laleham and Molesey which promises to provide even better catches than 2009. Daiwa Dorking captain Steve Sanders said: "The Thames seems to be back to where it was in the early 80s with plenty of dace in the river with Molesey and the Desborough Cut being especially good."

    Although some new access points to the river are being negotiated in the area where bream are known to reside, this year could see pole anglers reap all the major prizes with the winner likely to collect a cool 1,500.

    DCP Managing Director Chris Dulley said: "We are very pleased with the feedback and publicity this event obtained in the past couple of years and that our contribution of 3,000 spices up the prize list. We look forward to seeing not only the established river anglers but also hope to see the up and coming commercial fishery stars try their hand at something slightly different.

    Tickets for the event cost 25 each with cheques made payable to Warlingham DAS. Postal applications, enclosing a SAE should be made to Dave Harper, 27 Queen's Court, Kempton Walk, Croydon, Surrey CR0 7XG.
    by Published on 1st July 2010 07:50 PM

    Having pm'd oneabung there is to be a TA match area challenge it will be the eastern match scene against the northen match ...