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  1. Drop Shotting with a little better idea.

    So after a couple of years I've gone from novice to improver, certainly not expert.
    I've fished since I was a lad from the late 50s lure fishing to me was totally alien. Though drop shot fishing is relatively a simple way to put a lure where the fish are it's still been a little hit and miss how I was fishing

    The penny dropped for be before Christmas whilst watching the World Predator classic on Sky sports.
    The Classic is a lure competition in which the competitors ...
  2. KJS pond 2 slow sinking bomb.

    I've had a quite enjoyable time at the snake (pond 5) KJS Aston Springs for around five years.
    This year however I've had a total change from the snake to pond 2, methods I've used have been; bomb and pellet, method feeder, slider and slow sinking bomb.
    I got some good information regarding pegs that may be comfortable for me from Tony the bailiff and a few ideas of what may work, being super cautious and knowing my abilities there's no way I was going to risk my pole so decided to ...
  3. Drop shot fishing.

    This all started by my pal asking me if I knew anything of drop shot fishing one day in the pub, I was truly stumped but said I'd look into it.

    For anyone who doesn't know it's a method of lure fishing for in my case for Perch. The method involves basically fishing a lure with a weight resting on bottom and imparting motion to the lure by twitching the rod tip at the same time moving the rig slowly by a very slow retrieve.

    Now me being me I decided after a few trips ...
  4. Hartleylands Reservoir

    For the penultimate match of the Marsh AC season we would see ourselves gracing Hartleylands Farm Reservoir in Kent. A bit of a strange match this as there are no results to go by. This is due to the water closing down during the summer months to the carp and bivvy boys. So with this in mind you do not know how it will respond.

    All the usual suspects were there, Pete, Troy and Mick, having sorted out his stomach issues during the week. A busier than usual motorway system saw us arrive ...
  5. BSafe - A new Generation of fish safe nets, the future of keepnets?

    The introduction of a new technology that will dramatically cut transfer of fish disease is the result of leading lights from British industry pulling together.
    BSafe - short for 'bacteria safe - began life in the mind of avid angler Derek Willan, who believes that all anglers should be doing their bit to safeguard fish health in the UK.
    Derek explained: "Virus outbreaks were getting all the press but research revealed that the bigger killers were a relatively small group of bacteria ...
  6. One hand behind my back.

    After a couple of years hearing of how matches mostly opens but a few clubs are being won with up to and over a 100 lb, so I've been trying to up the amount of what I normally manage to snatch.
    Sometimes my catch rate has took a dive but on most days it's up and with the days when the fish really turn up I get the idea I know what I'm trying to do.
    On average I decide what tackle to take and limit myself to either pole or feeder to avoid having my wife carry too much,.
    This ...

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  7. night fish

    by , 29th September 2012 at 09:15 PM (the weekend by big zander)
    We arrived at the lake around 5.30pm, we decided to fish on the end of a south-westerly wind . We set up in a swim called The Ramp and being a 2 man swim was ideal. Chris baited the areas and helped me get the rods out to their spots. The wind had continued to blow SW and the evening was peaceful and we saw a few fish show out in front of us. We started to have a few occurrences on the alarms, a few twitches here and there.
    Chris went off to fetch some dinner as evening approached and left ...
  8. One hand behind my back.

    The last match this year fished at Lindholme on Bonsai went not bad for me, I finished with 36lb 12oz for 3rd from peg two.
    I fished my normal mini scoop feeder with micros & a banded 6mm pellet for small carp to 2lb. The match was won with 47lb odd, 39lb odd second.
    This has been not a bad summer for me fish wise even if the weather has been nasty at times, especially at Aston.
    Since breaking a pole section earlier in the year nearly all my time fishing as been spent on ...
  9. One hand behind my back.

    So is anyone having trouble with getting proper bites when using method feeders, especially on small fish up to a pound.
    Over the last couple of years at Aston I've had the tip being ripped around, but this year I was getting a lot of twitches but no real bites to speak of.
    Are these line bites, I'm not so sure.
    What convinced me was a match at Lindholme in April this year. From the first cast I made I was getting the dreaded twitch then a sharp tap then the tip just went ...
  10. One hand behind my back.

    I have my first club match on the 19th at Lodge farm the rest of our matches are on the tidal river Trent, not a venue I can manage with the banks plus the walking involved so I'll wait until the last one this year that's to be fished on Bonsai in September.

    My last visit was at Aston again & to say it was a disaster would be a bit of an understatement.
    First mistake was to take only my pole on a day with the wind blowing 15 plus miles per hour, I could normally manage that ...

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