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Winter 'Chop'

Fishing at Docklow

Featured and written


Giles with a nice winter roach

Giles Cochrane

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the worm it was decided to carry out this feature on one of the many lakes at Docklow, which fish very well during all weathers, despite the fact that the lakes average a depth of around three and a half feet. The consistency of the venue makes it a first choice for pleasure and match anglers alike.

Arriving at the complex it was evident that there had been a dip in temperature during the night, resulting in a frost and, in conjunction with the very high barometric pressure, fishing might prove difficult, to begin with.Mike Bozward, the fishery owner greeted Gary Plant and myself, and two of his breakfasts soon disappeared without trace. Although the conditions were far from perfect, the air temperature appeared to be rising, so it was decided to fish 'Moby Dick', as I didn't expect the carp to feed with the air pressure so high, after it being so low of late.

The peg selected was directly in front of the car park just the right of an island where the depth averaged three and a half feet at thirteen meters and the likelihood of the carp putting in an appearance seemed remote. The lake had a moderate 'tinge' to it, providing a little cover but, even with this, it is difficult to put a weight of silver fish together when carp decide to show.


The rigs selected for the worm were a 4 x 12 Sarfix float, shotted with around seven number ten, at one inch intervals,  and two number twelve droppers three inches apart, resulting in a steady fall of the bait once it reached the last foot before the lake bed. The line was 0.12 Ignesti main to a 0.10 hooklength around twelve inches in length.The hook for worm fishing is invariably a Sarfix Toschiro size 18.


Around thirty to forty Dendrobenaes were placed in a bait box with a little water and chopped into quarter inch segments and added to about a pint of casters and mixed together. Hook bait was either the head or tail of the worm to begin with, substituting this for caster later on in the session.


I started the session at 11.30 am by cupping out half a Drennan small pot of the mix followed by quarter of a pot of caster behind it at thirteen meters.For the majority of my worm fishing I use an Abu Conolon Premiere pole up to sixteen meters, which I would rate as the best, all-round pole on the market in whatever price range.The top kit for this session consisted of a number six, Middy High Viz elastic through three. I was surprised to catch a roach of about three ounces first put in considering the previous night's frost.It appeared that the roach were showing a preference for the worm as another of around eight ounces quickly followed the first fish.

chop worm piece

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