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Want to Know how the Stars do it? Take a look below.

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Lee Woodhouse fishing the Bloodworm and Joker

Fred Davis fishing the Paste

Mark Harrington fishing 'the tap'

Chopped Worm Fishing With
Ken Giles.
  Fishing Corn The Grant Albutt Way.   Fishing Meat with
Grant Albutt
  Squatt & Pinkie Fishing with Mark Pollard
Lee Newsome
  Worm Versus Meat and Corn Woodland View Fishery  

Fishing Chopped Worm With
Rob Gandley
  Waggler fishing
Giles Cochrane.

Fish Caster With
Paul Evans.


Fish Bloodworm and Joker with
Norman Carpenter

  Earlswood Feeder Fishing With Paul Downes.  
The Bag & Wag
With Steve Ringer

  Docklow. Winter 'Chop' Fishing with
Giles Cochrane.
  Specialist Feature
Winter Carp Tips With
Steve Williams.
Keeping and Preparation
By Gary
  Fish The Hair Rig With
Steve Ringer
Jelly Pellets
Fred Davis.
  Canal Carping
Fred Davis.
  50 TA Carping Tips.
  Bread Punch Fishing By Fred Davis      

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